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Polyurethane Conveyor Skirting

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If it's longer product life you are after with less maintenance then try our Premium Grade Polyurethane Skirting. 70 shore "A" poly skirt has up to 8-10 times the wear life of natural black skirting rubber. It also has greater strength properties, is more durable and our 35 deg bevelled edge provides a better seal.

Sold in 10m and 15m coils.

Product Info (PDF)

Polyurethane Conveyor Skirting

Thickness Width (mm) Length (Mrts) Hardness  
10mm 100mm 10 70 Shore
10mm 100mm 15 70 Shore
10mm 150mm 10 70 Shore
10mm 150mm 15 70 Shore
12mm 100mm 10 70 Shore
12mm 100mm 15 70 Shore
12mm 125mm 10 70 Shore
12mm 150mm 10 70 Shore
12mm 150mm 15 70 Shore
12mm 200mm 10 70 Shore
12mm 200mm 15 70 Shore
12mm 250mm 10 70 Shore
12mm 300mm 10 70 Shore
12mm 300mm 15 70 Shore

Other specs available on request

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