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Dust Sealing Cloth, Insertion Rubber & Grip Strip (Rubber)

Dust Sealing Cloth is made from a rubber compound that is extremely flexible and stretchy.  It has excellent physical properties, plus it has good UV resistance making it tolerable to the harsh Australian weather 

Dust Sealing Cloth has a textured fabric finish to increase grip on its surface.  This allows it to be effectively fastened onto equipment structures to create a totally encapsulated dust sealing system.

It is typically fastened by clamping it on to a 10mm round bar mounted on equipment with our rubber Grip Strip.  This system allows dust cloth to be installed on any equipment.  It can be easily removed for inspections or when replacement is required.          

Product Info (PDF)

Dust Sealing Cloth

Length (mtrs) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Hardness  
20 1400 2 45 shore
20 400 2 45 shore
20 250 2 45 shore

 Other Sizes Available upon Request 

Grip Strip

Length (M) Width (mm) Type Hardness Stocked  
20 34 Straight 75 Shore
20 34 Inside Corner 75 Shore
20 34 Outside Corner 75 Shore
20 34 Underside Corner 75 Shore

 Other Sizes Available upon Request 

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